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open the doors of hell sinners who made her cry, cry tears of blood sing it, the song of the curse, tell me the hidden fury inside of you my flesh is an offering to you, i’ll devote myself to your happiness


We’ll always be with you, Luhan!

141006 SMTOWN NOW update : SMTOWN in Tokyo - D.O

i never was a big luhan stan but seeing him leave really hurts…

익명 회원 whispered:

Your reaction to Luhan filed to nullify his contract with SM

we love you too, luhan

141010 Luhan’s Weibo Update:

I’m home

sexy time with nbin


244/100 Gifs of Yixing. I don’t..I don’t even know anymore.


looking so effing done

1992 ♡ 2014
Go Eun Bi


VIXX on Facebook.

In which Hakyeon is finally done with Taekwoon’s shit, the world is laughing at Wonsik, and Sanghyuk has discovered is inner betrayed king.

rule #1: don’t say the word that’s written on your headband (leo’s says “i don’t want to”)
rule #2: don’t keep silent for more than a minute

…how leo learns his lesson after getting sprayed with water